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Arbitration Evidence Strategies: What Businesses Should Know

Evidence and discovery are fundamental in arbitration, underpinning every claim and counterclaim. In the seventh entry of our "Understanding Arbitration: A Guide for Businesses" series, we offer actionable guidance on mastering arbitration evidence strategies. As...

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Protect Your Brand: Lessons from the SANOFI Trademark Case

The Federal High Court of Nigeria recently adjudicated on the landmark case of Sanofi S.A. v. Sanofi Integrated Services Ltd, Sanofi Nigeria Enterprises Limited, Susan Namiji (Trading under the name and style of Sanofi Nigeria Enterprise), and the Corporate Affairs...

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Preliminary Meeting in Arbitration: Setting the Stage

The Preliminary Meeting in Arbitration acts as a linchpin in both institutional (guided by pre-established procedures) and ad-hoc arbitration frameworks. More than just a logistical arrangement, this meeting is crucial for strategy, preparation, and building mutual...

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Selecting Arbitrators: Qualities, Qualifications & Conflicts

Selecting arbitrators is foundational to an effective arbitral process. Their astuteness and expertise form the backbone of any arbitration, acting as the crucial bridge between disputes and resolution. Where the rule of law intersects with commercial pragmatism, an...

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Worldcoin Biometric Data Collection: Privacy Concerns

In 2023, the global tech landscape witnessed a seismic shift as OpenAI introduced Worldcoin to over 20 countries. More than just another cryptocurrency, Worldcoin posed a distinct proposition: individuals could acquire WLD tokens in return for their biometric data....

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Introduction to Arbitration: What It Is and Why It Matters

In the ever-evolving global business landscape, arbitration stands as an indispensable instrument. Simply put, it is a method of resolving disputes outside traditional courtrooms, relying instead on neutral individuals (arbitrators) to make determinations. Its rising...

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