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Analysis of Arbitration Related Court decisions in Nigeria

We are pleased to present the results from the Broderick Bozimo & Company (BBaC) analysis of arbitration-related court decisions in Nigeria.  The study focuses on the attitude of Nigerian courts towards arbitration.  We reviewed the outcome of court decisions...

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Lender’s Liability in the management of Margin Loans

Recent case law from the Nigerian Court of Appeal demonstrates that, under certain circumstances, borrowers can hold lenders liable under a margin loan facility. In particular, a lender may be held liable where it has significant influence over the facility's...

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Christopher Awodimila organises ELA beginner course on ISDS

Broderick Bozimo & Company Associate Christopher Awodimila founded the Experts in Litigation and Arbitration (ELA) in January 2020 with Emmanuel Monyei. ELA's goal is to shape the culture of Dispute Resolution through practical legal ideas. It achieves this goal...

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The LACIAC Adjudication Rules: An Overview

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce International Arbitration Centre (LACIAC) introduced its Adjudication Rules on 9th December 2020. The Rules provide a framework for resolving disputes that arise in long-term construction contracts, where parties may wish to obtain...

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