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Broderick Bozimo and Company is a leading arbitration and litigation law firm in Nigeria. We believe in turning complexities into opportunities. We’re more than legal counsel – we’re your ally in navigating challenging legal landscapes.

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Who We Are

Broderick Bozimo and Company stands at the forefront of commercial arbitration and litigation in Nigeria, providing unparalleled counsel born from the simple belief: intricate matters deserve thorough, insightful advice. We pave the way to victory by offering comprehensive case analysis from the get-go, ensuring you stay informed and confident every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on our cooperative approach to work. With us, you don’t just get a team of advocates well-versed in their practice areas. You get a partner dedicated to exploring each legal issue from all angles, with an open mind and your best interests at heart. Expect courtesy, expect diligence, and above all, expect quality representation that never settles for less.

Primary Practice Areas

Commercial Arbitration

Armed with substantial experience in commercial arbitration, we’ve successfully guided numerous clients through processes with the ICC, LCA, LMDC and under ad hoc rules. Learn More

Trial & Appellate Litigation

With a proven track record, we’ve navigated high-stakes disputes before the State and Federal Courts, securing successful outcomes even under the most challenging circumstances.  Learn More

Special Matters

Addressing unique needs, we handle sensitive and personal legal matters for individuals, businesses, and government entities with the utmost discretion and care. Learn More

Simplifying the Complex With Five Decades of Experience.

Through half a century of focus on dispute resolution and procedure at its highest level, we remain resolute in our commitment to providing uncompromising representation in commercial arbitration and litigation.

At Broderick Bozimo and Company, we don’t just offer advice. We offer clear, practical solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

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